About Us



 At Greenhouses by Chad we are dedicated to quality design and complete customer satisfaction.  Our products are constructed from hand-picked affordable materials ensuring that both value and aesthetics are passed on to you.  We also pride ourselves as innovators in our craft, always modifying and adapting our products and always keeping up with the times while retaining classic appeal.  We work diligently with the hope of fortifying customer loyalty and constantly meeting your needs as consumers.  As American producers, we understand the perennial importance of value.


The Olson’s have been in the carpentry trade for more than forty years, perfecting proper techniques and developing expertise.  After seeing his father, Brian's, greenhouses, Chad was inspired to run with the idea and created his own design.  To his surprise, Chad's new greenhouses were an instant success.  The astonished creator had only one problem:  building his product fast enough to meet rising demand.  Realizing he had potential for long-term business, Chad expanded enlisting the help of friends and family (including his father).  The idea surpassed the expectations of critics, becoming an LLC, growing a pleased consumer base and retaining exceptional quality.


Our greenhouses are a garden necessity.  A controlled climate inside assures abundant plant propagation, steady development and long-term health overall.  Young plants are destined to thrive and beautify their surroundings afer spending a shore time inside.  Tired or afflicted plants will have a second chance or time to rest and recover after a greenhouse "get-a-way".  A greenhouse environment also means a haven from unpredictable and often unpleasant-seasonal weather patterns.


We have created an elegant, stream-lined design that is functional as well as affordable.  Rear ventilation allows proper climate control.  We employ materials that allow high sunlight penetration without damaging exposure to UV rays.  Galvanized metal flashing and nails prevent rust.  Stained cedar inhibits mold and dry rotting and a treated wood four-by-four base provides stability and protection from the elements.  In short, these vital design elements will make your greenhouse investment last a lifetime.














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